How International Students Are Working in Canada?

International Students Are Working in Canada without a Permit

Previously, an international student who wanted to work in Canada while studying needed a work permit. Therefore, it was clear who should work and who should not work. Nowadays, international student are working in Canada without a work permit but there are some conditions to observe.

An international student who wants to work in Canada must be enrolled in a full-time program and working towards a degree at a Designated Learning Institution. The student will be allowed to work part-time (20 hours/week) during regular academic sessions and to work full-time during scheduled breaks, such as the winter and summer holidays or the spring break.

Some international students are not allowed to work in Canada. Students who are taking English or French as a second language classes are not allowed to work. Also students taking preparatory classes or short session programs cannot work in Canada.

Some International Students Are Working in Canada Full-Time

Some students, however, are allowed to work full-time during regular academic sessions if their study program necessitates the completion of internship or co-op as part of the curriculum. In this case, it will be required to obtain a co-op work permit in addition to the study permit if they are eligible.

Working in Canada can be a very positive experience for international students but they might get confused about how the rules apply to them. They might unintentionally be breaching the terms of their study permit. They have to be careful not to be working illegally as it will put their status in Canada at risk.

International students in Canada should determine their full-time status by checking their school’s regulations. They should stop working if they drop courses to a level where full-time status will not apply to them any longer.

International Students Are Working in Canada to Strengthen the Ties to the Country

International students are encouraged to seek work in Canada while studying if they want to later apply for immigration. The Canadian immigration system values international students because they are what Canada wants. They are young, getting education in Canada, speak good English or French, and having work experience in Canada what makes them well integrated in the community.

By all means, the main focus of international students should be to complete successfully their studies and not to concentrate on working. Many doors will eventually open up for them; one of those will eventually be permanent residence in Canada if they decide to pursue it.