Immigration for International Students in Canada

The new elections in Canada bring hope for international students who want to immigrate to Canada after finishing their study program. One of the campaign promises by the newly elected liberal government is the lessening of the restrictions on immigration for international students.

Under the current system, a foreign national has to live in Canada as a permanent resident 4 years out of 6 to get a citizenship. Therefore, the time spent in Canada as an international student does not count towards the residency requirements for immigration purposes.

This might change soon with the elections of the liberal government. Immigration for international students after finishing their studies will be easier by allowing students to credit their time spent in Canada towards residency requirements.

The liberal government has been in office for few days only but it seems they are keen on improving the role of Canada as a leader in education. It remains to be seen how new rules related to immigration for international students will be implemented in the near future.