Letter of Employment | Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker

It is essential to prove your work experience by submitting employment letters or reference letters when you apply to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker program.

Keep in mind the following essential elements to include in your letters in order to get the full points that you deserve.

Letter of Employment | Essential Elements

1- It is important that the letter is printed on official company letterhead paper.
2- It is always better to have it stamped by the company’s official seal.
3- To remove any confusion, your full name should appear on the letter as the name used in your passport.
4- Company’s information should be present like full address, telephone numbers, email address, etc.
5- It is important that your immediate supervisor sign the letter. However, if that person is no longer available, you can have it signed by someone who knew you and who has a position of authority in the company.
6- Try to get the business card of the person who signed the letter. It is a good idea to include it in your submission.
7- The crucial part of the letter is to list your positions held within the company. It should include job titles, duties performed for each position as stated in the NOC, dates you worked for the company at each position, number of hours per week, annual salary, and benefits.

Sometimes, it might not be feasible to get an employment letter or reference letter with all those elements listed above. Some of them are crucial to have and others are desirable to have.

However, the more elements of the above you have in your letter, the better your chances are to get the points that you deserve on your experience.